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Made in the USA

Franklin Series

A Small Investment in Big Security

An affordable line that offers many of the benefits of our higher tier safes, our Franklin safes feature the following:

  • 75 minutes of certified fire protection
  • 11-gauge steel safe body
  • Up to 15 - ¼” thick locking bars
  • 4-in-1 Flex™ interior

The Franklin models also include these accessories:

  • Electrical outlet kit
  • Interior lights
  • Deluxe door panel
Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $1,949
Payments starting as low as $44.34 for 60 months (14.99% APR) or 12 Months Same-As-Cash! Subject to credit approval.

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Franklin Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 47 customers ratings and reviews

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Great Deal
written by Mrq1369 on September 15, 2018
Got a great deal on a franklin 50 2017 model. I wasn't aware of the fact that you could buy a late model safe at a discounted price. I didn't get to pick the colors and what not but at the price I paid i can happily live with it.

Well Built & High Quality Safe with Key Features That Cannot Be
written by Mike C Doylestown on December 21, 2017
After spending four months looking for a safe for securing firearms and key valuables, there was too much variation in quality, features and price until I visited the Liberty Safe Store. They only sell Liberty Safes and I wanted key safety and quality of build features for a price that would not require a loan. After visiting the local gun shops and other stores selling safes, I was disappointed and after a search on the internet, found the Liberty Safe website and two local distributors.

I found the Franklyn series gave a higher grade steel, a door with bolts on all sides, and a flexible interior that I could only find in more expensive safes. The Liberty Safe distributor in NJ was great, very knowledgable and helped me decide on a safe that was right for my needs.

Very satisfied, especially with the D-Lock EMP proof electronic lock that has a mechanical release. The interior LED lights are great, as well as the dehumidifier that came with the safe.

The best of all, it was great to find and buy American

written by Rocco on December 8, 2017
Quality American made product

written by Rocco on December 8, 2017
Excellent American made product

written by Aaron VanSciver on July 17, 2017

Finally !
written by Kris on July 15, 2017
I was always impressed with liberty safes. When I was a kid an uncle got his and ever since I knew one day I would too. I guess you could say ive been researching them forever, because no trip to the local sporting goods store went without at a look at all the liberty's on display. I've finally got my own and couldn't be more happy with the quality and piece of mind Liberty has provided.

nicks safe
written by george on June 26, 2017
a very functional safe after loading it everything was in its place

written by AF on May 13, 2017

Liberty Safe
written by Ben on March 10, 2017
I am really happy with the purchase of my Liberty Franklin safe. I would recommend a Liberty safe to anyone looking for a safe to secure their firearms and any valuables they need to keep secure.

written by Mike on March 9, 2017

nice safe worth the wait
written by king on October 31, 2016
little slow on delivery /but when recieved safe -all was forgiven;great beutifull safe & great delivery service

fort knox
written by Nailhead of Pa. on July 27, 2016
I really like the construction and weight of my Franklin . My retailer threw in a heater as I had to put it in the garage . I like the storage on the door . I'm having some problems clearing the dial to lock it but I hope I'm doing something wrong and will figure it out . I feel very secure that my firearms will never be stolen or burnt in a fire now. I also have grandkids starting to get older and needed to secure my firearms from them also. Comparing your safe to a few others I looked at it was an easy sell . The life time warranty had a lot to do with my purchase also. I love it and can leave the house without worrying about my firearms getting into the wrong hands or being used in a crime . Thanks ken

written by Widget on March 1, 2016
I did a lot of research on Safes online. Really confusing and scary as the more expensive brands try to discredit the more affordable ones. The pointing out that what most people call a "SAFE" is not a safe at all but a RSC (Residential Security Container) was a real slap in the face since let's face it. The average Joe cannot afford a genuine "Safe" that is over a 1/4" solid steel as a minimum and start at $3k. And none really care about the RSC label. They are all SAFEs because that is what we want. My main concern was fire protection first when I first started looking and security second. Those got switched with security towards the end as I realized I would probably be storing more than just documents and guns that are already insured.

The only real benefit from the online stuff was that they pointed out the "real junk" that is just a waste of hard earned dollars. Not just the stuff made in china. A lot of american junk too. I knew nothing about metal Gages or insulation or welds or any of that stuff. What i did learn was that the bargain safes at retail stores was a bad buy. While I knew I could not afford a genuine safe, I still wanted the strongest RSC I could afford and the low end tin cans at the box stores was not it.

I went to Liberty because I got tired of the videos and reviews. I wanted to look and touch the safe I was going to buy. I wanted a real person to look me in the eye and TELL me how it was built and how it would protect what was important to me. I got all that from my local Liberty Safes dealer here in NJ. He took the time to explain everything that went into the safe and how it out preformed and was better built that the comparable safes out there. With all that new information I knew that my original budget was not enough and to end up with piece of mind I'd have to double it and consider this an investment and not just a purchase.

In the end I knew that it was not a real "Safe" but I sure feel "safe" after being enlightened by Chris, the owner of Liberty Safes of NJ. I almost doubled my budget to get a Franklin series safe, and with Chris's tips on placement of the safe, I am confident that it will be secure. I opted for the basement instead of my 3rd floor bedroom. This is not a quick access purchase. I have a smaller safe in the bedroom for that. This is storage. A dehumidifier for the safe is a must then. And Bolting it to the concrete floor in a corner against the foundation would make it almost impossible to pry or even cut open. A thief would have to cut through the front door which is the toughest part of any safe since the sides are inacessible.

And that's if they have time. I have dogs and an alarm system. The smash and grab thugs that would normally hit a city house like mine will not waste their time and risk getting caught. Professionals? Sure. They can get in easy. Even the real Safes are no match for them. The thicker steel just buys more time, nothing more. But none of those will target me. It is obvious by where I live and what's in the upper levels of the house that nothing of real value except for some guns and documents are in that safe.

The Liberty is as though as they come in this class of safe, the fire protection is very good, and the service is the best. I'm very happy with it.

Impeccable Craftmanship
written by Chris Blacksmith on January 27, 2016
It's not often one sees something that's both tougher than nails AND beautiful. Good job Liberty.

When only the BEST will do
written by J. Witt on August 3, 2015
Don't sell yourself short when looking for a safe. Buy a quality safe that's going to exceed your needs.
This is one of those purchases where trying to save some money may hurt you in the end.

Liberty Safes are not over priced. They offer good value for the money, quality construction, and an excellent warranty.

Made here in the USA.

New safe
written by Rich on July 15, 2015
We have only had the safe for less than a week but are very pleased with it thus far. Construction is solid and has a great appearance. We have the electronic locking system and are happy we went with that feature. All in all a great safe as of right now!

written by C. Hunter on June 2, 2015

Liberty experience
written by the king EP on May 14, 2015
May safes are available on websites but very limited in actual stores to really have the experience of checking out the safes visually and feel of the safe o deterime actual mass and the workmanship. Review several safes quite a few would not deliver the safe through the rear of the house. Some never responded back prices to deliver into the basement was over 700.00. Liberty safe of NJ deliver right into the basement kept to deliver time better than the cable or phone company. Wonderful experience if Libert Safes you can't go wrong. Should have bought the safe with outer hinges for full 180 degree opening.

Best investment for security
written by BC on April 15, 2015
I finally purchased the Franklin 24 gun safe. Stores everything I have perfect, easy to access, and once it's locked you don't have to worry about anything. I've known about Liberty Safes for years but I didn't really need the safe until I moved into a permanent location (living in apartments previously). Prior to the purchase I was storing my firearms in a friends Liberty safe along with his. Now that I'm living in Center City Philadelphia, and knowing the frequency of burglaries and the blind eye Liberals in the surrounding area have, I wasn't bringing my firearms into the place until I had a safe. I looked at a few models and a couple other brands but none had the same reviews or features for security and fire protection. Perfect safe so you don't have to worry about things being stolen while your at work or on vacation. Plus probably the only way anything inside is getting damaged in a fire is if a volcano erupts. I bought the safe at Liberty Safes of New Jersey in Mount Laurel, the sales associate was great, turns out he also sold safe my friend has to him. Delivery was also easy, they brought it in and were out in about 15-20 minutes, and right on time.

Very Impressed
written by justin on April 13, 2015
I spent a year looking for the right safe. I spent more then I wanted to but it was worth every penny. Liberty is the best of the best and the first time you open your safe you will see why. The smooth action of the handle turning the pins, the gentle glide of the door as you open and the perfectly finished interior. Then you go to bolt it down and see the heavy duty fire board on the bottom. From top to bottom the safe is impressive. Not only am I impressed but my wife said I made the right decision buying the better safe. Even the installation crew was impressive. 30 minutes to unload, roll around the back of my house, down the stairs and into the basement. They even gave my wife a lesson on how to operate and other useful facts. Great Job Liberty!!!!

written by RINGO on December 22, 2014

Ray from New Jersey
written by Ray Burgess on September 16, 2014
Happy with my dealer. Fit and finish are excellent. I now need to purchase something for my ammo. Love that the safe is made in the good old USA. Keep up the good work. I will buy another Liberty Safe.

Franklin 35
written by Fred Wainwright on July 28, 2014

Take Your Wife....PLEASE
written by Dave861 on June 11, 2014
I was shopping for a safe for a few firearms just because it was time for more security. and saw online a few videos (about 50) of different safes and all of the different things to look for in a safe. So after about 3 weeks I decided to go with another brand that had to be shipped from the mid-west. Then I saw at our local John Deer store they had safes and I really liked the quality and that they were USA made. NOW, I love The Big Green Machines, I just did not want it all over my firearm safe. Then I found out they were actually produced by Liberty and I had a local showroom 25 minutes away. I announced that I was going to look at safes and everybody in the family wanted to go?? Even the wife?? We all get there, are greeted warmly by Chris C. the manager of Liberty Safes of NJ in Mt Laurel and I explain what I'm looking for in a safe and that I know a little but not as much as I should to make a purchase at the moment. He spends the time to fill in ALL of the gaps and we decide a Franklin 25 safe was what I needed with a little room for some additional firearms in the future. Great, It's in my price range, I like the nice BLACK SHINY paint, etc,etc.......THEN THE WIFE DECIDES, she likes the BIGGER FR35, because it has more space for "other" items, has a better fire rating, comes with lights and an electrical outlet and a USB port and it has the interior color SHE likes and the flat textured green powder coated outside will hide all of the kids hand prints much better then high gloss black......well yea, OK, I guess if I have to get the BIGGER SAFE with all of those extras.

Now I'm not saying this will always happen, but this time I was glad she was in on the purchase. Take your Wife with you to pick out the safe!

A Good Decison
written by Joe S. of Deptford N.J. on May 20, 2014
After looking around and doing all the research on all the different safes and companies I found that hands down Liberty was the best buy. The quality and craftsmanship of the Franklin series not to mention the options were very impressive. I was a bit surprised of all the color choices and interior colors that were available. If after what you see on the website doesn't sell you then you really don't want a quality safe.

Don't wait
written by Matthew South Jersey on March 8, 2014
I spent over a year looking at safes. None captured the sense of pride and security I felt when I looked at and opened the Liberty Safe. The Franklin now stands proudly in my home. Wish I would've bought it long ago.

Franklin Safe a Hit!
written by Chuck C. on February 17, 2014
Like many people out there, my wife and I had been considering a gun safe as our pistol and rifle collection grew over the years. Taking vacations were becoming worrisome as we we leaving our firearms unprotected from theft. After doing extensive internet research, we decided that Liberty Safes was the smart choice. Our needs were met by the Franklin series, especially the FR-50. It offered the security and fire protection we were looking for in a safe at an afforable price. The delivery and installation was quick and efficient by two friendly and knowledgeable installers. American made, superior product, and an unbeatable warranty! You can't go wrong with Liberty!

written by Firearms Secure on February 8, 2014
Safe was ordered and the delivery was right on time as they indicated. It took approx. 12 weeks to get, but was well worth the wait.
You will need to take advantage of the accessories in order to maximize your storage with firearms.

New Safe
written by petergun on December 4, 2013
Love the finish on the safe, the black gloss looks great in the room. Plus my wife liked how it looked. We feel secure knowing our valuables are safe when were not at home.

Great product
written by Samd12 on October 16, 2013
Very happy with everything.

written by Link on October 2, 2013

written by Frank on September 30, 2013
Just received my Franklin 35 safe today and had it installed in my bedroom. Except for some imperfections, I like the safe.

Franklin 50
written by Allen on September 6, 2013
Well made and like the fire safety rating.

Well Built
written by Rich on September 1, 2013
The Franklin Series is great for people with limited space, and does not compromise on quality.

Franklin 50 - Great Safe
written by Nick from NJ on August 2, 2013
I spent many years shopping for the perfect safe to fit my security and storage needs. The Franklin 50 has plenty of room to store my firearms, important documents and other personal items. I love the size of this safe and the level security. I ordered the safe online and I received a call from the local dealer the next day. The safe was delivered just over a week later and the delivery men were nice guys and very helpful. They answered my questions and showed me the functions and set up of the safe. I am very happy with my new Franklin 50 and the whole purchasing experience.

Great safe/Horrible customer service
written by Highly satisfied with product/Highly dissatisfied with customer on July 11, 2013
To Whom It May Concern:
I think liberty safe make a great product once you get one that works correctly.
I originally purchased my original safe (serial #L001478389) on 3/2/13. Three days after taking it home it started to give me troubles. First the locking mechanism would not unlock. After trying multiple times to get the lock to release it finally did, but then the locking mechanism would not lock now. I called Liberty safes with my dilemma and they sent a repair man out on 3/16/13. He had stated on the service ticket "trouble shoot malfunction, parts needed" and noted to me that it looked like part of the locking mechanism was installed incorrectly and beat back in place with a sledge hammer so it would work and be sold. The following Monday (3/18/13) I called customer service and they said they would replace the safe free of charge and their next shipment to my closest Liberty Safe dealer would be going out the third or fourth week of April and I would be contacted beforehand.
My wife had called the last week of April to ask about the delivery status of the safe and was told it had not been shipped yet. She was told "It is being made tomorrow (coincidence?) & would be shipped out immediately." It sounded good, but too bad that was an untrue statement
Fast forward to 5/20/13. I called Liberty safes to ask where my safe was since I was supposed to receive it weeks ago. I was told that the order going out to my closest Liberty dealer had their order pushed back. Why I could not even get a courtesy call or email stating this I will never know. I even asked why they had not responded to my wifes' multiple emails and was told "we never received them". I asked why the safe couldn't just be shipped out directly to me and was told "that if it was put on a delivery truck by itself and not with other safes the shipping company would treat it as if it was just a steel box and there was a high possibility it would be damaged during shipping". I was again told it should be shipped out in a couple of weeks to my nearest dealer.
6/13/13. Once again I called Liberty safes customer service. Only this time I have the privilege of being lied to by a manager. I explained my situation hoping that speaking with a manager would accomplish something, but once again it fell on deaf ears. I was told sorry for your wait it should be there next week. Asking why at no point why couldn't someone have contacted me throughout this whole horrible ordeal the subject was quickly changed and I did not have the patience at this point to even try to get an answer to that question.
6/20/13. My wife calls and speaks with a manager. She is told the safe was currently in route to the closest dealer which was located in New Jersey. The manager had told her they would contact the dealer and find out if they had received the safe and when it would be available for delivery to us. Later that evening the manager had called my wife back and said "I did not get in touch with the dealer and would try again tomorrow". The next day came and we were not contacted to no surprise. We did not speak to Liberty safe customer service again for 5 days until WE called them back.
6/25/13. I had called once again because apparently this company does not know how to contact its customers to resolve their own issues of faulty service and speaking directly to the manager was told they would try to contact the dealer once again. The next day I was finally called back to inform me the safe was at the New Jersey dealer and they would be contacting me to set up delivery. One of the final nails in the coffin was when the New Jersey Liberty dealer had told us they had had the safe in their possession since 6/19/13.
7/5/13. We finally received our safe. I could not have been happier to finally get a working safe 5 months after I had purchased the original one.
My conclusion: I believe Liberty safes make a great safe. The safes get some of the best reviews and are known for their name. As for looks, they look great inside and out. Unfortunately, this company has some of the worst customer service I have ever had the experience of dealing with. Selling a faulty product and not even so much to as giving a courtesy call back, no response to emails, and constantly being lied too is unacceptable. When asked how we were going to be compensated for our troubles and horrible service we were brushed off with "we're doing what we can to get your safe to you as QUICKLY as possible".
And if anyone in this company doubts my story, all of these dates I have listed I actually pulled up from my cell phone statements/records and have proof of them. The dates I called and the amount of time spent on each phone call being lied to. I have the service receipt with the repair man's comments. The only reason I did not name (I did ask and note the names of each person I spoke to each time) the customer service person I had spoken to on multiple times or the manager's name is because I do not wish for them to get in trouble over something that may not be their fault. I do not know if they outright lied to us on their own will or if that was just company policy.
Liberty's Response:
Wow, we definately dropped the ball on this one. We'll contact you as soon as we can to see where we can help and improve. Thanks for the details and dates. That will help.

UPDATE: July 19, 2013 
A renewed faith in Liberty safes customer service

So I submitted my review to Liberty safes along with my warranty information on the night of 7/11/13, and trust me my review was not a good one concerning their customer service. I did not expect to hear anything back from the company. To my surprise the Marketing director had gotten back to me at 11am the very next day (8am on his coast), on his day off and from his personal cell phone if I may add. After we had spoke for some time about I the sub-par customer service I had gotten, we had hung up and he had become a man on a mission to do what he could to make things right. After a short while he had called me back and righted what customer service had done wrong. He had the company work with me on my time and troubles and made me a very happy man. He had also stated that my detailed letter had got him a little upset with their the internal workings of customer service and changes were on the way.

So I would like to go ahead and say that he had totally renewed my faith in the way they are going to run the customer service center for now on. I doubt anyone will ever have the same problems I had come across from this company from here on out and I would like to thank him for what he did for me. Not only what he did for me, but for the changes he made to ensure that every customer has a great experience when dealing with this company and the fine safes they produce.

Once again, Thank You
Mike M.

Franklin 25 gun safe
written by Hank B on April 27, 2013
5 stars

Great Safe
written by Racer X on April 23, 2013
Purchased this safe a few days ago and I am very pleased. The Quality of the safe itself is awesome but the interior boards are made out of cheap flake board or compressed wood. One of the things that really disappointed me was the lack of color choices at the retailer. Also only one retailer in a 100 square mile radius had any safes for sale. The wait time was 16 weeks.

written by humpdaddy on April 11, 2013
Well built

written by CHRIS P MD on February 26, 2013

Franklin Series Safes
written by Name that pen on February 7, 2013
The safe seems very well made. My 2013 Franklin came with bottom bolts!

Peace of mind
written by Lily White on January 23, 2013
This product has the quality and reliability that you need for important items to be placed in securely. It has the fire protection and warranty expected in a product made by Liberty. The best safes in the country. You will only need one in a lifetime!

written by DAN on January 17, 2013
5 stars

Very satisfied! Meets all our expectations
written by Bob on October 12, 2012
The Safe is a birthday gift for my wife
She is the marksman in this union
She has 8 long guns and I can't tell you
how many hand guns. Every thing fits in the
Safe plus all the ammo. We are very happy
with the liberty Safe.

Made in the USA, for the people of the USA.
written by Jerry - HM3 1st BN 2nd Marines 83 - 87 on September 22, 2012
I am totally satisfied with my Franklin 25 safe. It is a gorgeous addition to my home and one that will silently serve us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with out fail!
It provides security for our valuables, and protects them from fire and theft.

Most importantly to me is that it was made right here in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

I am PROUD to be a veteran, and I am PROUD to own a Liberty safe!

Solid as a brick
written by Happy in NJ on September 16, 2012
Just received my new Franklin safe, Installation was quick, easy and drama free. The delivery team explaind the operation of the electronic lock and away I went. Love the door organizer and the interior motion sensor lghts, wired for electic and the solid feel of the box. The door operation is smooth and the electric lock ensures I don't have to wear my bifocals to open it quickly.
Everything about this safe is top notch

Quality and Made in the U.S.A
written by Jim D. on September 11, 2012
Best value for the money and made here in the U.S.A. There may be cheaper safes on the market, but, with Liberty / Franklin you get unbelievable value for what you pay.

*Made in the U.S.A. from U.S. and Global Parts.